Dreamtrout at Härnäs!

Today Toki from South Africa took a guided tour with Laxlyckan at the Härnäs part of River Mörrum. After an extremely cold morning, temperature wouldn´t rise above 7 degrees. That´s tough for a man from an exotic country! Despite this we tried hard the whole day through to fool a baltic seatrout to take the hook. At the end of the day we suddenly caught a pike! Tokis first! But what an anti-climax for us both... Twenty casts later the real material was finally hooked! A hard fight began but a few minutes later we were stunned of the beauty of a big, fat, male seatrout with an amazing shape and figure. It just might have been the perfect fishingday at Mörrum in April. Thanks Toki and Louise!




E-mail from Toki this evening:


Hey Mattias,


Thank you for the beautiful photos! Like everything else you did for us today they speak of your dedication and professionalism in everything you do.

The river is as magical as described in all the books and fishing there was a pleasure. I would not have caught a fish today without your advise and knowledge of the river and conditions.

Please feel free to have anyone contact me as a reference I will highly recommend you!

Best regards and hope to see you on the water soon.



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